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Nausea & diarrhea for a week

Last Wednesday I started having a sore throat accompanied with stuffy nose and sneezing. I took medicines for that and didn't wait the appropriate 24 hours between doses. I took probably 4 different allergy medicines within a 2-3 day period. I'm not sure if that relates to my new symptoms, but starting Friday I had nausea and diarrhea. This has lasted up to today (Wednesday) so I have had an almost constant feeling of nausea and fairly consistent diarrhea for 6 days now. The diarrhea only comes after I've eaten, about 1 to 3 different times. I definitely had it the worst Friday, but my nausea is almost constant, if not constant, and it makes it hard for me to do things. And I do not have a fever. I'm curious what this might be, what I can do to ease it, and how much longer it may last? I'll promptly answer any questions necessary to help. Thank you.
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what kind of allery medictions
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Hello Jennifer, It's difficult to say exactly what is causing this.  It is possible that the mixing and taking too frequently of the sinus medications has irritated your stomach and GI tract.  If you are no longer taking them maybe an OTC antacids such as Maalox, Mylanta, prilosec, xantac, ect. might help.  OR skip the antacid and use Only Pepto Bismol or Lomitil for the diarrhea if severe enough to treat that.  

If it does not help it could be possible the ginger.  It the dose of ginger is too high it can cause those symptoms as well so try going off of it and see if your symptoms subside.  Please remember to take all medications including OTC as directed and avoid mixing with multiple other medications when possible.  I Hope this helps.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda
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I would also like to add that a few weeks ago I was put on anti-inflammatory medication for an inflamed temporal artery. I switched to using natural ginger capsules which have been working fine. Not sure if that would have anything to do with it, but wanted to include all information.
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