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Sinus Infection - Can’t Smell or Taste

I've been sick with what seems like a sinus infection for the past 3 weeks. I've had nasal congestion, feeling of fullness in ears, wet cough, constantly blowing my nose and just feeling tired in general. about a week ago (2 weeks into being sick) I stopped being able to smell or taste anything. This is very scary to me, since it's never happened before.

Has anyone else ever had something like this last this long? I can't take Mucinex or really any cold medicines because they cause my heart arrhythmia to act up, but I have been using my Neti Pot daily. I just felt it was really strange to develop a loss of smell and taste 2 weeks into an illness. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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So, it's actually really common if you can't smell due to blocking issues in the nose, to also not be able to taste.  When we can't smell, our taste buds don't pick up taste.  Weird, right?  But hold your nose sometime and test it.  You won't be able to taste things with your nose held. (that's how my kid gets through eating something he doesn't like at dinner, ha).

You've been sick a fairly long time though.  Maybe you had a virus and then got a sinus infection as secondary to it.  That happens.  Or have two back to back viruses.  But either way, it's been long enough that I'd check in with your doctor.  Maybe a round of antibiotics will knock it out.  Have you had any fever?
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