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Stomach, chest and headache

(F 26) For a few day I have been having stomach pain, headache that was like a migraine, it felt like it wanted to brust, burning ears, nose burn and red cheeks but no temperatur. My chest has been feeling heavy but I can breathe fine although I have a irregular heartbeats. It lasted 3 days and today I felt good like I wasn't sick but now at 1am I woke up feeling like I couldn't breathe then started shaking feeling like throwing up and pooping, my stomach is hurting. What can it be? It is the second time having similar episode with stomachache.
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cocothebestdoggo . . .   any updates since your appointment in November??  
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I've had a rib out of place for 4 months. The chiropractor pushes it back in place then a week or so later it moves out again. It gets really nagging at night on the outside of my rib cage but in the morning it is gone again. Maybe you can ask your doc if you have something like that.
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How are you feeling now.  I think with covid, the fever is almost always present.  That's what they are telling us here in our state.  Have you ever heard of pleurisy? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pleurisy/symptoms-causes/syc-20351863  Your symptoms sound similar to this.  It's a type of inflammation in the chest.  
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I'm sorry for theate reply I didn't get the notifications. I'm feeling bad right now, just having a chest pain on my sternum it hurt when I breathe. What I have noticed is that after I do something that's when it comes back, like cleaning, washing dishes, picking something up or carrying groceries. I'm scared to go to the doctors really because of the Covid-19 and to the one I got hold with, a cardiologist, said he can't have any appointments until the 21st of November.
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Have you been tested for covid? That would be my first thought. I think you need to see your doctor.

Let us know what happens.
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Hello, thank you for caring and I'm sorry I didn't reply I didn't get any notification. I haven't done the Covid-19 test yet but I'm thinking to do it. Although my mother did it today because she's a teacher and we are waiting for her results.
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