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What should I take for my cold/flu symptoms?

Last Monday I wasn't feeling good. I had a sore throat, congestion and headache. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling worse! I also had a cough. I went to urgent care and they tested me for strep and I didn't have it. The doctor said I had a viral infection. They prescribed an antibiotic and Norel AD. I started taking that Tuesday at lunch. I started feeling better but I stopped the antibiotic because it was messing my stomach up. Its been a week now and I still have a cough, I have some mucus/phlegm that's yellow and sometimes has blood in it. My nose is still running some and I have a little congestion. What should I take? My friend thinks I should go back to the doctor in a couple days if it doesn't go away. Plus my ear has been ringing all day everyday since Sunday.
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Any time I am feeling even a little bad I start increasing my vitamin intake!!
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vitamin C supplement and vitamin D supplement are my favs to increase when beginning to feel sick!
I just ordered some of that.  It's listed as immune builder!  I'm definitely a believer too!
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Okay, so first.  In general, if you had a virus, antibiotics are not required. We get over viruses with no intervention like that on our own. And overuse of antibiotics can cause issues with things like resistance. And stopping and starting antibiotics prematurely also contributes to resistance. It gives the pathogens time to learn how to outsmart the antibiotic which leads to those things called super bugs.  That's just an FYI.  If you can't tolerate something, you have to do what you have to do which may include stopping the med.  Talk to a doctor first though and often they can give you ideas on how to take it to combat an issue. Example, some antibiotics will be tolerated much better if taken with a FULL glass of water and food with it. So, if you have a virus, the thing to do is to treat with nonsteroidal anti inflammatories or NSaids which is things like ibuprofen and also Tylenol is good. This makes you feel better with the pain relieving properties and also reduces inflammation.  Things like Mucinex is also good because it thins the secretions/mucous so it keeps moving.  Drinking extra water will also help with that so I'd do both.  I'd stay away from cough suppressant as that does the opposite.  It keeps you from coughing which is serving the function of expelling phlegm. Ears are interconnected with sinuses.  Not uncommon for them to ring or even hurt a little.  Again, ibuprofen and Mucinex.  And you can try a "netti pot' to keep the sinuses clear.  Try some saline in the nose spray too.  Viruses can take two weeks to get over with coughs that can linger longer.  What you eat is a lot less important than staying well hydrated.  I like tea when I'm not feeling good.  Hang in there.
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Thank you so much for the info and the advice! I've been drinking allot of water. The cough is worse in the morning and at night. But I am feeling a little better. Thanks again
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