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Why is it hard for me to move, mixed with horrible fatigue?

Why does my entire body hurt and struggle to move? This is paired with my struggling to breathe after walking for any amount of time, copious amounts of mucus in my throat (but hardly any in my sinuses or nose), and a horrible cough that not even cough syrup can fix. Not sure how important it is to add, but I am having trouble thinking straight. This hit me like a truck 2-3 days ago and has only gotten worse.
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What you described sounds like Covid 19. Hope you have recovered from your symptoms.
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agree, thank you
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How are you feeling?  Is this all better?
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Oh gosh, this sounds like you may have had the flu.  Did you get to the doctor?  Did you have a fever? But body aches and horrible fatigue is often the sign of flu.  Hope you are feeling better now!
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