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baby viral chest infection

Hi my little boy is 13months has had a chest infection gor 3-4 weeks he has had strong course of antibiotics for 7 days and had chest x ray where the right upper lobe presents with infection however the gps have said that as they don't know if it's viral or bactyerium they are not inclined to treat with more antibiotics. As he presents with no temp and is feeding and drinking ok. Yet i know he is not himself and is irritable obviously with discomfort. I would just like another opinion on this matter.  Thankyou
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My 11 month old just had a chest x ray his morning after only 1 week of infection because he is having trouble breathing and seems to be getting more cranky rather than less and is usually never cranky.  i just wanted to say that the x ray procedure was terrible.  They basically shut him up tightly inside a plastic box from the waist up with his arms over his head.  The nurse was holding his head so tightly he got a big red mark on his temple.  if the dentist can do xrays with so little fuss, why the torture to do a chest x-ray?  i hope your son is feeling better.  Besides the antibiotics, i guess the most important thing is to get the secretions out.  maybe they can give him some kind of breathing treatment instead of the usual expectorant over the counter.  With pnumonia, thats what you can get.
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i have a 10 month baby and he had cold 4 1 week but is now better but now he has started darirror and gps r not giving any thing please giv me som advice on this because he has lost so much weight. thankyou
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