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cough and cold

I am coughing from last 1 month and it is not stoping even if i am taking cold syrup......my head is also reeling,littlebit severing,feeling like falling down.......and suffering from mental depression
I don't know what to do......
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Stay away from Dairy and Sugars. Eat lots of Vegetables. Broccoli is a great brain food if you like it raw that is best. Get plenty of rest. Exercise 20 minutes a day. If you have suffered abuse see a counselor. I have had lots of family suffer mental depression and the ones who were willing to change their lifestyle and thinking have been able to pull out of it. If you are one to do too much cut back. If you are so depressed you don't go anywhere or do anything then force yourself to take care of your self ex: eat right/ exercise/ Does God fit in your life? Your body sounds worn down. Do what you know you need to do to get better and read lots of books on depression. I am anti medication for depression. It just masks the symptoms it doesn't take it away. My mom had depression and she removed sugar from her diet completely and had all of her emalgum (sp?) fillings removed from her mouth. She also increased vitamin B and got her hormone levels checked.  She started to feel normal again. She still has to watch her stress level and can't take on too much but no depression. Good Luck
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anybody can tell me what else i should prefer....................
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Cough after the recovery from a disease is mostly related to deficiency of qi and yin as well as lingering residual pathogenic factors.Delayed treatment may bring about endogenous cough which occurs repeatedly and worsens increasingly.

You can be treated by following methods:
1.Acumox and massage therapy.pat the back repeatedly to promote free respiration,press and  knead Danzhong to promote expectoration.
2.Dietary therapy
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