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i have a cold and i feel TERRIBLE

it's started with a bad sore throat and mild nausea a little over a week ago. a couple of ays ago i started getting a bit stuffy, and now i'm stuffy sometimes, and other times runny and sneezy. and my face look blotchy...?

unfortunately, i'm going on vaca in 2 days!!! how can i get better FAST?
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Oh, dear, a vacation in the middle of a cold!  Recently when I got SO sick, I drank some Echinacea decaff tea with Vitamin C in it, got it at the grocery store, and it might have helped me, I can't be sure.  I just had to drink it once a day for two days.  Your face blotchiness might be from the tissue you're using... get some Kleenex that has Aloe with E, it's REAL soft, rinse your face often and put lotion.  To help the stuffy nose, get ordinary plain saline nose spray and squirt that in there, it makes it feel better and not so stopped up.  Also, fill up the sink with hot water, drape a towel over your head and breathe in the steam.  I also sat in the sun a few times.  I hope you can rest while you're on your trip, so you can at least go out for a couple hours for a day or so, until your cold clears up.
666357 tn?1225318814
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