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nasal congestion questions (nasonex, afrin)

Hi all!

I'm an otherwise healthy male in my late 30's. Recently got sick about 4 days ago: stuffy nose, followed by a sore throat (when swallowing). No temperature, headache or cough. The only thing I used before seeing doc was Afrin, Advil and some Zicam. Went to the doc, and she said it was a virus. She prescribed Nasonex, Astepro, and the usual "stay away from afrin" advice.

My questions:

1) She prescribed switching off between Nasonex and Astepro--taking a dose of each on alternating days. Is this common?

So far, neither the Nasonex or the Astepro has had any effect on my congestion. At times, my congestion I'm completely "plugged up" altogether. I called to ask the doc if it was OK to use the Afrin as sort of an "emergency" solution so that I could at least get some sleep. She said it was ok, as long as I didn't stop the nasonex/astepro dosage above, but to try to avoid it.

2) With that in mind, when can I expect some relief from the nasonex/ astepro?

3) Lastly: I have used Afrin for colds my entire life, and have *always* managed to stop using it within a week or so, avoiding the dreaded "addiction" people speak about. Will the Nasonex/Astepro help me to drop the afrin faster?

Thanks for your time!
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Oh, I also have another question: Is it safe to take a drug like Advil Cold and Sinus while taking these nasal sprays? Thanks! :)
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I can't understand why you take so many drugs for this problem. Are you sure they are not interacting with each other.why don;t you visit your pharmacist and ask to discuss washing out your sinuses with a little jug sort of thing that you tip up you nose while you have your head on the side. Even salty boiled water (allow to cool down) put into an old nasal spray and sprayed up yout nostrils should help.
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Um. I've been prescribed *two* drugs by my doctor: Each a simple nasal spray once a day. The fact that I asked about the other drugs doesn't mean I was taking them--I simply wanted information. The interaction between the 2 inhalants was the core of my question. Thanks.

That aside, the congestion is beginning to clear out, so this is moot.

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