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sinuse problem

I usually have long cold. And there is usually blood in the nasal discharge, frequent headache and breathing problems.
I can't breathe through the both nostrils which is the biggest pain in my life.

I had consulted many doctors but they says your one of the bone in one nostril is not straight. And they also explain me that there is no long-time cure or permanent cure.

Whenever I suffer from cold. I become weak and most of time, there is high fever.

I want to get rid of this problem. As this is effecting my career and personal life too.

Please anyone help.
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Hi there. I can understand how frustrating this problem could be. I suggest you consult a famous ENT Surgeon Mr. San Sunkaraneni he can help you out.

You can visit his link http://guildfordent.co.uk

Hope you find this help a better solution from not affecting your career. Good luck.
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Is having surgery on the bone a possibility?  Sometimes our bone structure and other genetic issues can make us more prone to sinus infections.  Sounds like that is the case with you.

You get a cold, sinuses can't drain properly due to facial bone structure, then the mucus sits and becomes bacterial and then you have a secondary sinus infection needing antibiotics.  

I would see if surgery is an option for this.  good luck
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Have you been tested for other breathing problems?  I am frequently stuffy myself, and they said it was non-allergic vasomotor rhinitis.  Also, I am pretty sure there are surgeries available for nasal bones.  After all, if the nasal septum (divider between nostrils) can be surgically repaired, why not other bones?  I would use tiger balm to clear a stuffy nose.  Decongestants can give you rapid heartbeat and are as addictive as any other drugs, so try to only use those when you absolutely cannot breathe without them and tiger balm fails.
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