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Painful Right Wrist

I am 14 years old and I have been experiencing pain in my wrist for a little under 5 months. It is a hard lump on my right wrist.it is located under my pinky side of the wrist and where the bone is. It is bigger and fatter than my left wrists bone. It hurts to twist both ways more clockwise than the other. Recently it has also even aching and hurting when I'm not doing anything with it. I have asked my parents if we should check it but they said no. Now they call me a   hypercondriac, because I keep saying it's still hurting.
Therefore I would like to know what it could be, if you have any ideas.
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Hi sorry to hear about your discomfort , have you ever thought of an Xray or a Scan , that will give you an idea what is going on with your wrist
Please ask your Parents to take you , it will put there mind at rest to .
Take care ,,
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Consider meeting a Doctor and rule out if that swelling is a 'Ganglion cyst' ot some sort of periosteal effusion from the bone mass.Did you hit your hand somewhere so that it could cause rupture of peripheral structures near that bone-like nerves,blood vessels,bones,muscles etc?

You need to get examined with the General Physician and undergo transillumination along with USG for the hard lump to see what is causing that pain.

Keep us updated.
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I banged it 5 months ago and I can't see a d
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Sorry, I was saying I can't see a doctor for my parents won't take me. Ph
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If you cannot see a Doctor because won't take there,you can take help of some of your friends or some adult to help you over this.You could lend some money to buy medications or ask your trust worthy friends or grand parents to help you make an appointment with Doctors.Sometimes it is really very annoying that parents do not take care of their kids or they ignore potential health related problems.

For the time being you can use a wrist splint from a local drug store to compress the swelling slightly and use anti inflammatory medications like combination of Aceclofenac+ Paracetamol+ Serratopeptidase,which may not be available in your place as this rational combination.But you can ask the Druggist or Chemist if this medication is available with any other alternatives which may relieve you from the pain and also protect the ongoing inflammation.

Also do not forget to apply cold and heat compressions with a soft cloth on the site of injury.This may help you soothe better.

Hope you find a remedy from this post.Please do not worry as we are here to help you.Keep us updated.
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My parents  said I might be able to go to doctors in the summer holidays,  which is in a week, hopefully they won't forget :) will tell you what happens when I go.
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Hi Thanks for the update , are you still having problems with your Wrist ??
if so i would remind your parents soon as , Please take care ,  
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