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little help?

Hopefully I put this right.

I got what I believe to be food poisoning. I went dizzy, nausea, spins, projectile vomiting. I vomit so hard, blood vessels broke, and face is spoty. I saw stars literally. The vomiting stopped but then, diarrhea started the next day. I ate little. I had bad diarrhea.

The next day, it was nonstop diarrhea. It woke me up. It's going on and all day and into the night. My stomach hurts. I am worried about Crohns disease cause I took Accutane before and noticed periods of fatigue randomly.

I have missed a lot of work cause of this. What should I do? I can't miss more work next week either or school. I think I should see a clinic doctor at a local urgent care. I have had diarrhea before but never this poignant. It persists and it's so bad it's violent event.

I took malox and peptobismal. I am avoiding diary. Drinking water and lots of it. At no time did I ever feel sick until the vomiting. It's stopped. Diarrhea continues. My stomach is awful. I am very gassy. I can't stop farting but I can't unless on a toilet. I am scared I will crap myself at school or work.

Please help guys. It hurts and I am sore. My stomach is upset. Anything I can do between now and morning? Thank you.
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It's horrible. It woot stop. I might have blood in my bowels. Its on going. I can't sleep. I have no appetite. Every time I almost dose off, I have to go again. I haven't ever half this before. I did get food poison before. I just never had diarrhea like this. It's kind of gettin scary. I tried soup in the day. Even fruit  nothin stays down. Its a brand new week and I am back to work in several hours. Please help guys.

Mallox and peptobismal helpdesk relieve gas and discomfort but, I can't stop going diarrhea. The closest to this is traveling but, I have never had anything like this before. What can I do guys? The clinic doesn't open until when I work.
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It's continued into the night and early stages of morning. I am requesting a doctor's note. This is very costly calling in but, I cannot afford to **** myself at work.

My mom is going yo purchase something to help me. I don't know what. I have no appetite. I drink only water despite no desire for anything and it's mainly to hydrate myself.

I am having pink flaky stools and I wouldn't doubt blood as well. It's mucky. It got clear like last night do I assumed The best. No luck. It continues on.

I need help.
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Sounds like you have the flu that I had!

Do you throw up whenever you eat? Try to eat stuff like crackers and toast. You need stuff on your stomach or your going to really upset your system. Passing mucus fluid through the colon is not good, but continue to stay hydrated.

It lasted 4 days for me. (I have ulcerative colitis with an ileostomy so fortunately I didn't have any pain) good luck! Feel better soon!
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