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Can candida overgrowth be the cost of my dry, scaly skin?

For over 5 months, my skin itches, my head aches,I feel tired and weak after eating a food rich in carbohydrate. I was forced to cut on carbohydrates while I upped intake of coconut oil,garlic,apple cider vinegar,etc I eat protein and fats a lot. The symptoms subsided. However,my face had started feeling dry and scaly. Now my whole body feels dry and scaly. I have undeirebly lost weight making me look skinny.
I must add that 8 months ago I had HIV test and was negative. Just last two months I had another one and was negative. I did these tests when I noticed some rashes on face. I had done unprotected sex with a lady whose status I didn't know. However, I could sense the smelly candidiases. She confirmed having candida pandemic. What could be wrong? Canada or what? I'm confused.
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Your profile lists you as female.  Is that true?  Because the sex women have with one another is less likely to cause candida exchange as the sex between male and female.  But usually, candida isn't caused by anything, it's everywhere.  It gets out of hand when the organisms that inhabit the intestinal tract become compromised, often by the use of antibiotics but also by many other things, and that provides room for a nice home for candida to get a foothold.  The smell might be candida, but there are many things that can cause odor down there.  If you are in fact male, it's not likely you got candida, as it's not easy for it to enter the small opening in a male's anatomy than the large opening in a female's.  But it can happen.  As far as your diet, you don't really explain it very well.  Apple cider vinegar isn't food, it's used for people with an acid balance problem in their digestive system.  If you don't have what it treats, it can be harmful, not beneficial.  Garlic and coconut are largely carbohydrates, so it doesn't appear you've cut out carbs.  Many people are confused by the term carbohydrate.  Most of a healthful diet is made up of carbs, in the form of veggies, some fruits, and whole grains.  The carbs most people talk about avoiding in a healthful diet are simple carbs, such as white flour and sugar.  The high protein diets are mostly advertised for weight loss and muscle building, not health, as long-term studies don't show long-term benefits of eating this way.  Usually people add garlic as an anti-fungal or antibiotic or for cholesterol control, but you don't really say why you added it or what form you're using.  You say your body feels dry and scaly but don't say if it is in fact dry and scaly -- feeling something isn't the same as having something.  And your HIV status is irrelevant to any of this, so it indicates perhaps something emotional going on.  There's not enough info for any of us to know what's going on with you, but one simple piece of universal advice is, if you changed your diet and it made you worse off, the changes weren't the right ones.
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Thanks for the response. First, I'm a male. I just updated my profile.
I take garlic, apple cider vinegar,coconut oil as antifungal agents to fight the candida overgrowth. When I began it the itching, bloating, fatigue all stopped. However, my skin began feeling dried. Well, my skin is really gritty.
But can candida overgrowth lead to dry skin?
Sure.  It can lead to all kinds of things, but have you seen a doctor?  Are you self-diagnosing?  Candida in males is not the same as in females, so it's not as easy to know if you have it or not.  Is it systemic?  None of the things you took are particularly effective against candida.  Garlic would be the only one of those things that would have some effect.  Oregano oil is much stronger, but if your problem is that bad, you need professional help.  A natural practitioner would be someone like a naturopath, or you can go the doc route and get anti-fungal drugs.  Those can kill off beneficial organisms, so it makes it more likely to get it again, so you have to know how to try to minimize that.  But again, you haven't said if you were diagnosed or are just guessing.  As for the skin, if you have systemic candida, meaning it has spread to your internal organs, you could have all kinds of problems.  If you just had a garden-variety candida occurrence, you'd have garden variety symptoms.  But again, men don't get it all that often because of the nature of our physiology, so I'm really stressing, if you don't know you have it and are just guessing, you're working in the dark.  You need a diagnosis.  Maybe you've seen a doctor or someone who did the diagnostic testing that showed you have it, but if you did that, I don't think you'd be taking what you're taking, because that's from internet advertising.  Coconut oil, for example, is a current fad, but it's antifungal attributes are not very powerful.  Apple cider vinegar wouldn't necessarily ever get to where you need it to go.  By the way, apple cider vinegar can cause the dry skin, if you're acidity levels don't call for it you can mess up your digestive system's balance (if you do need it it does the opposite and can be helpful).  I really can't tell you what's going on.  My main concern is, have you found out what's going on, because there are tests that can show a candida infection.   You can't guess you have one.
I had been drinking heavily. My diet was also mainly sugar an carbohydrates. I began to feel tired,heachaches and stress anytime I ate carb. I experienced halitosis too. I followed an instruction online to check whether it could be candida. I spat into a still glass of water and realized these white strands in them. Since then I began to treat with the garlic
Your response has been very helpful. I went to see a doctor. I told him my head ached, my skin itched and was dry all over. My temperature was super high when my vitals were taken. He gave me ciflo 500. After three days I experienced constipation. There is blood in my faeces because I have to always force my faeces out. This could be unseen piles. He did urine and blood test and claimed there was infection in my urine. The fever, headacheetc have increased. I'm confused. And yes, I ran HIV test for the third time in 9 months and still negative.
Again, I'm not able to tell you what you have, but if you have to force evacuate you're either eating very poorly (not enough fiber, too much meat and fat and highly processed food as opposed to whole grains, for example) or you have an emotional problem, or both.  I hope your doctor is a good one.  But I'm thinking you need a redo on how you're living your life right now.  Hope it works out for you and you get to the bottom of it.

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