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Problem during root canal

I went in for a root canal, post, and crown. After it was over, the dentist explained to me that as they were finishing, the tip of the instrument (file?) broke off in the root. He explained that it may be fine, but we may end up having to go back and do a bridge. He said he would take the cost of the root canal off of the bridge. He said its rare but it does happen. Said he hadn't seen it in years. I have been on antibiotics up until about 3 days ago. I haven't had any pain from it, but it felt like it "itched" under the tooth. Tonight, it just started hurting. Went to a part of the pain scale I've never been before. I'm guessing infection is back or something? Just curious if the "breaking" thing was common and if so, was there ever any chance of keeping the post and crown? Thanks.
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Dear Patient,
Breaking an instrument is not common but it does happen. Sometimes it is enough to seal the canal, but sometimes can also lead to re-infections. I am not sure you have to go the distance of getting the tooth extracted and get a bridge. I would suggest you consult with an Endodontist (Root canal specialist).
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Thanks for your response. I was finally able to get back to the dentist today and had xrays. Dr. told me he was happy with what he saw and that he didn't want to change anything. So he give me a script of a zpak and medrol and we pushed my appt for a permanent crown back a few weeks. Again, thanks for your help.
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