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Excercise and CHF

I was diagnosed yesterday with CHF, so I'm in panic mode right now. I don't know anything about CHF. I understand exercise is recommended. I am (was?) a long-distance bike rider - I usually log 20 miles a day in the winter months and aim for 40 miles a day in the summer. I used to be a marathon runner in my younger days, now I'm 72 years old. I was wondering how much I should shorten my bike rides now. Also - I used to ride at a heart rate of around 140 BPM. I can't believe that would be OK to do now. What heart rate would be recommended? How many miles per day are recommended?
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Ask you cardiologist he/she can tell you. It depends per individual case.
And what stage of HF 1 or 2 or 3 or 4.........I am hybrid 3/4
I am not allowed any exercise. I can walk 100 mtr. And still do my own housekeeping in bits of 5 or 7 minutes. I cook daily. Had to give up gardening,  not even patio plants.
Used to do some home exercises up to 9 minutes but due to dizzy spells in my 50s stopped. Homebound only leave my house for medical appointments.
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