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Heart failure?

I had a double bypass in feb 10 i also have 9 stents. since my bypass i have had what seems to be alot of fluid in my lungs in march my heart dr did a chest xray said minimal fluid in left lung and no need to do anything but it is now july i wake up 3 times a night with lots of coughing and spitting up a white mucus no swelling in the legs or feet but abdomen is bigger but real hard i am becoming real frustrated any help would be great i  am 48 5ft 10  and weigh 205
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You should get an evaluation whether or not your heart is pumping effectively.  If it is not there may be blood backing up into the lungs and fluids leak into lung tissues, and that will cause a DRY cough.  I'm not sure of the significance or cause of the expectoration though and may rule out a heart issue?!  If there is right side heart failure, that can cause edema of the lower extremities and left side heart failure can contibute as well.  You should consult with your doctor to rule out any serious condition.
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thank you for your response
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Cblmn, hope you are recoverying well.  Take care.
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