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How do you deal with heart failure?...breathing for me and no energy and fatigue...

Chronic systolic congestive heart failure with ejection fraction of 36%
1. History of cardioembolic stroke
2. Coronary artery disease, status post single-vessel CABG in 2020
3. Aortic valve replacement for aortic regurgitation
4. Severe peripheral vascular disease
5. Subclavian and celiac artery stenosis
6. Stage 3 chronic kidney disease
7. Hypertension

I am on warfarin daily ...thyroid med daily...furosemide daily for edema...use nebulizer daily about 6-8 times daily/nightly....benzonatate 3 times daily for relieve coughing...

I am female/75 years old...and wondering how you deal with heart failure?...physically I can't do much as I have
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thank you so much for responding...I really appreciate it...yes it is difficult to do much of anything....need lots of time to do chores/can't do all of them...thank you dear lady of 62 years old...take care best you can....with care from me...debbie...
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Good morning to you. I am 62 yr old lady in one of the EU countries.
Just one day at the time. I start cardiology age 27 thinking just some meds will be ok.
Not. My story is too long. Just some practical tips. I can walk 100 mtr. Homebound only leave home for my medical appointments. And even the drive to our local hospital is tiring is approx 18 minutes if not too busy traffic. The tired is not only from my HF PH pulmonary hypertension and allover arthritis but the cardiac meds also have tiredness as side effects. And a long list other illnesses. The OA start in 40s.
My first cardiologist he told us avoid getting overly tired exhausted so I do things slow and in short bits. Over here we used to have like home help from gov used to be 2 hours then went 1 hour I each week, never had it but knew people who did and disliked it after homehelp leave they go clean themselves again is not good enough.
Myself still do my own housekeeping in short stints of 5 to 7 minutes.
I used to do some mild exercises at home but after dizzy spells stopped it in my mid 50s. I cook and do some baking. I have many hobbies to keep me busy. But the arthritis in hands wrists can not do much hand sewing or painting or beading etc.
I do use some vitamin supplements  to help with tiredness. Naps if needed. Rest.
Menopause also worsens things. My second cardiologist inherit me, but he got....so not there. My third  cardio new guy fresh from med training only hear from him on phone call 4 minutes right before his pause. My hospital has lots of rules. My first cardio was very good at finding ways for his patients that do not fit standard box.
The more complicated complex patients with lots of medical things we are sort of on our own. Last time my pharmacy call me why I never come collect my meds myself.
Had to explain to her the why and how and it gets old. Try to avoid fatigue. Take care.
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