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Just had results from echo. Please help!

Hi all, I’m new here and after some advice.

I’ve just received the results from my echo and it says I have Global Hypokinesia with mild to moderate LV dysfunction and an ejection fraction of 43%.

I had an echo last year which was fine.
I’m currently taking beta blockers as they were treating me for a paroxysmal arrhythmia which was found after several GP visits because I was having chest pains.

My cardiologist now wants to start me on an ACE inhibitor alongside my beta blocker.

I haven’t spoken to my cardiologist as yet, this is the information in a letter that he sent to my GP, in that letter he said he would expedite my clinic appointment to discuss onward investigation.

Clearly I am terrified, I feel like I will just have a heart attack at any moment, I’m panicked beyond all thought.

Everything I’ve read gives a life expectancy of 5 years!!
I can’t find any positive outcomes for this diagnosis so I’m hoping I’ve been looking in the wrong places and someone here can give me some information or knows where to find a support forum/board.

Please and thank you for reading.
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Is this board still active??
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