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Life expectancy for EF of 28%??

Hi.  My dad recently had an echo came back abnormal with an EF of 28%, model regurgitation, pulmonary edema and mild heart enlargement. He hardly ever has any symptoms. He sometimes wakes us anxious at night trying to catch his breath and I think this is related. Other than that, he has no other symptoms.I am very anxious and worried. He is only 63 and has not even retired yet. I do not know what to expect as we are still trying to get help and trying to see a doctor now during this coronavirus is insane. We are in the process of switching his cardiologist as the current one works with another cardiologist in the same network who signed off on my dad's abnormal EKG during preop for hernia surgery back in 11/2019. That should not have happened! So it seems my dad's issue existed before the surgery, yet we had no clue as they did not say his EKG was abnormal then. They said all was good and ready for surgery! I wonder if the surgery could have made his condition worse. When I try to learn more about his results, I run into articles about the majority of people dying within 5 years. I am praying for a miracle. Thank you and I hope everyone is safe during these difficult times.
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Hi veeliv, I fear I am in the same boat as you, but my dad has not been diagnosed yet. He has gotten bloated and feet swelling with shortness of breath and fatigue. He also was found to have ascites on his liver and spleen. I am worried beyond belief as you are. I have been researching and found that there is hope. Although there is no cure right now, there are ways to treat it and slow it down. I have also read that there could be major advances within 5-10 years. Stay positive with your dad and make sure he makes major life changes for his health. I plan on doing it with my dad, so we can do it together. The coronavirus sure makes it tough to see a doctor as you said too.
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Hi Veeliv, how is  your father nowadays?
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28% is pretty low. It’ll take a lot of medications and maybe a pacemaker but if he’s at 28% and hasn’t had any aggressive therapy yet he probably has a bit more time.
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