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Mitral Valve Prolapse Question

HI all. I was diagnosed with MVP with Mild regurgitation about a dozen years ago, at the age of 22.  It's progressively gotten worse over the years to the point that the cardiologist says I'll need surgery to replace it in the next few years.  
In January my updated echo showed Moderate regurg.
Now, I have had a few episodes where I've woken up, heart racing, unable to breathe.  I always brushed them off as, "Well, we know my heart *****."  Tonight it happened again and was much worse.  Here I am, an hour later, still trying to catch my breath.  This "attack" actually scared me and, if not for hubby's commitment in the morning, I probably would have called 911.  
I have a follow up appointment in September, so I will be seen soon.  
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with this.
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Your symptoms may also be caused by a different problem, like a blockage in a heart artery.  You might ask about having a stress test as well as an echocardiogram.  
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Hi, if mitral valve regurgitation causes heart failure it needs be surgically corrected. What was your ejection fraction? If your doctor has suggested surgery, there are two main options, repair or replacement of the mitral valve. Both valve repair and replacement require open heart surgery. Both procedures require significant recovery time. As you are having acute symptoms of breathlessness, I suggest you consult your doctor earlier or go to the ER, they will guide you appropriately, as you may need surgery earlier than planned. Regards.

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