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Statin meds for high cholesterol

Dr.  I am 81 yrs old, have had bypass surgery 10 years ago, have Grade 1 diastolic dysfunction, and very  high cholesterol.  I have tried every kind of statin med to lower chol.  They work, but I cannot take them due to the extreme EXTREME  leg pain they cause.  What can I do?  What can you suggest. The leg pain is truly very severe.
Thanks for any input on this matter.
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     Cholesterol lowering drugs mainly are statins, but depending upon which lipoproteins or triglycerides are high other drugs like fibrates can be used. Other than these niacin or bile acid sequestrants can also be used for treating high cholesterol levels if you are experiencing leg pain with use of statins.
Also, diet modifications under the supervision of a nutritionist can help cope with this situation. Best.
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