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Told I have an EF of 20-30%, but I feel fine

I'm 38 an dreasonably active.  In fact, I used to run 20-25 miles per week until 2002 when I got married.  Since then I have put on about 50 pounds, but otherwise I have been healthy.  Last year I started to notice a slight fluttering in my left chest, usually when I sleep on my left side.  Since I have a 3 year old and a wife who depend on me, I thought I better check it out.  My MD ran blood tests and and eeg.  He said my eeg showed I had PVC's but that was no big deal because everyone hast them.  His concern was that my red count was high.  He sent me to an oncologist who checked me for possible polycythemia vera or hemochromtosis.  As part of the examination, he sent me to a cardiologist to make sure my heart was okay via an echo.  My blood levels came back high again, but not so high that my oncologist was concerned.  I didn't hear anything for almost 6 weeks.  I went back to my oncologist for a check up on my red bllod levels (still high but normal) and he dropped a bomb shell on me.  According to him, the echo showed that my ef was between 20-30% which indicates heart failure.  I was floored.  I am a bit out of shape, but I do not suffer shortness of breath or abnormal fatigue.  In fact, last August I started jogging again to lose weight.  The only reason I stopped was because my knees were killing me.  Since then I've been walking and have dropped a few pounds.  That said, I am suffering tremendous anxiety.  I go back to see my cardiologist next week, but I can't help but worry about my wife and son.  I have read enough on the net to know that an EF that low means I am in serious trouble.  I guess I was wondering if anyone else out there has been told their EF was that low yet were still asymptomatic.  I was also wondering if my PVC's could have affected my echo.  I had drank A LOT of coffee that day which makes the fluttering in my chest worse (I have since cut caffiene from my diet).  The day I had my echo I had drank 6-7 cups and my left chest was fluttering a buit when they did the echo (which was also done while laying on my left side).  I'm also wondering about my prognosis.  ANY information you all could give would be greatly appreciated.
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I would request another echocardiogram.  If you EF was 20%, you should have symptoms.  I can't say I know of anyone that didn't.  In fact, a friend of the family was rushed into emergency open heart surgery when her EF dropped to 25%.  Surely you would be short of breath. Heart failure symptoms are right side heart failure:  swelling in legs and ankles.  Left side heart failure:  swelling in abdomen, fluid in lungs, and a cough that can produce white or clear mucus.  
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I had an ef of 20% with no symptoms so it does happen....
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Hmmm...the only equation missing from your situation is HOW you acquired Heart Failure? High Blood Pressure? Infection? Very important to know. It will give you a heads up on your prognosis.

My EF is 20 percent from having years of ignored High Blood Pressure. I also eat acidic foods like it was no one's business. This acidic state aided and abetted pneumonia to spread like wild fire to both lungs and heart triggering a heart attack!

When I was fighting for my life in the emergency room, my PH was below 4! Upon returning home, I monitor my PH daily! At first, it was 5.0 very single day! Scary!

You see Scott, if your heart has to work in an acidic environment, trouble is not to far away. Add one more thing to the plate, oh such as PVC's and bingo! For me, it was pneumonia.

My diet now consist of Alkaline Foods. I stopped drinking distill water and began drinking spring water. I have buffer pills in case my PH drops below 5.0. I've stopped all consumption of acidic foods including acidic drinks.

Now my PH hoovers around 6.0 to 7.5.

I breath a little better and feel a lot better.

Hope this helps!
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Following a heart attack back in 2007, my EF dropped to just 28%.Now with a number of medications it has improved a little reaching 31%. Should I be of much concern about the level of EF?
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