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Transverse heart

I'm 7months pregnant and i just found out that my babies heart is on the opposite side of her body. All her organs are transverse too. Can she live a normal life with a transverse heart or will there be problems.
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I'm sure you are under a lot of stress as you try and sort through information.  I thought maybe this article from wikipedia might be helpful.  Take care.  We'd love to know all about your baby when she arrives!!  Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and get plenty of rest, cuz there will be some early mornings in a few months : )

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My 37-year-old daughter has a transverse heart and has lead a pretty normal life.  She also has some other heart problems and got her first pacemaker when she was 3-years-old.  A couple of years ago she got a pacemaker / defibrillator.  She had a son when she was 20 even though she had been told not to have children.  She does get short of breath, but has manages to be a wife, mother and is currently the Director of Accounting for a construction company in Dallas.  Best of luck to you and your baby.
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