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Angiography results

My father, aged 52, was detected to have had a silent heart attack during a routine ECG at the family physician. We got him admitted and had an angiography done for him. It showed multiple blockages. I have added the diagram that was given.
They told us that stents are not an option and he will have to go through a bypass in which he will have atlas 4-5 grafts.  As much as it shocked us all, we had come to terms that its the best alternative for him and we prepared ourselves mentally.
Now that the date is coming closer, I can't help but feel that this can do done with stents. Since the blockage is in the collateral, perhaps stents would manage to solve the issue.

Can you please see the diagram and tell me if any of you have been in a similar situation and opted for stents instead. Also, if any Cardiologist is reading, do you think stents can work for my father?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes and good health to you all.
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