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Mitral Valve

I would like to know how they access the mitral valve in surgery (i believe open heart is not the only option- any info on that would help too). What parts if the heart do they have to cut through to get to the Mitral valve? also, when they implant an annuloplasty ring, what instruments do surgeons prefer to use (heart valve sizer)?
Thank you in advance for any info you may provide.
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Your Cardiologist may not recommend the angio method, there are a few things they have to take into account. Of course, the best option if available is to have your existing valve repaired and this does require the chest and heart wall to be opened.
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These procedures can be done via a cath meaning the run a catheter up your femoral artery to the heart and do the work remotely. Make sure you pick a doctor and hospital that are experienced in doing it this way.

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