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anyone else there with microangiopathy in heart or legs and arms?

Hi all together!

Sorry Forum my bad english, Im from Germany.

You can read my question up in the titel. I also search for people with CSX-Angina (microvaskular Angelina).
I hope your answers.

With warm regards,
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How are you?
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Hello Andrea. I am the cardiac nurse who has this microangiopathy. Indeed, I have it everywhere but bad in the heart.
How can I help you? I know much about the EU cardiologists who follow this  ailment/disease.
Please respond and do not worry about English. I can give you my private email and skype with you also if you wish. I know a lot about this problem and how to manage it. Hugs

Joan Jahnke, South Carolina USA.
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There is a nurse on this board that has a lot of information and interest in your topic.  Try pasting http://www.medhelp.org/user_journals/show/48381/Cardiac-Microvascular-Dysfunction  in your browser.  You might try to contact her privately.  I'll contact her and let you know you have questions.
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