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Article says olfactory issues may be the first symptom people should look for

Doctors in Iran, Britain, Italy and China reported that many patients without respiratory symptoms lost their sense of smell then taste. Cooks with Covid can't identify the foods in their dishes or taste them and a mother couldn't smell her baby's diaper mess.
Article also mentions this note about ENT doctors .............who advised against performing nonessential sinus endoscopy procedures on anyone, because the virus replicates in the nose and the throat and an exam can prompt coughs or sneezes that expose the doctor to a high level of virus.

Two ear, nose and throat specialists in Britain who have been infected with the coronavirus are in critical condition, Dr. Hopkins said. Earlier reports from Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus first emerged, had warned that ear, nose and throat specialists as well as eye doctors were infected and dying in large numbers, Dr. Hopkins said.https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/22/health/coronavirus-symptoms-smell-taste.html
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I wonder if that has to do with zinc being depleted. What the heck, I think I'll take zinc daily. It can't hurt.

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I found myself sniffing something yesterday and feeling relieved I could still smell it.  :>)  
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