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Digestive issues/diarrhea due to Coronavirus

So it seems like one of the early symptoms of Coronavirus is digestive issues, mainly diarrhea, as per a few articles that came out today:


I wanted to share this because about a month ago, I started to experience daily digestive issues and the main symptom was diarrhea. At first I thought it was something I ate, then I thought it was my medication no working due (I am a chronic hepatitis B patient) because when I was dealing with that virus when it became active, it was similar symptoms. Lack of appetite, odd fatigue & weird sleep patterns, weight loss and muscle wasting, diarrhea, etc.

Anyway, I was going on for a month like this and that is how I felt, that some virus was attacking my system. It eventually slowed down to almost nothing today and this past week, and everything is sort of going back to normal (I do have a cough that has been around for a week, and a stuffed up nose, but these too are subsiding).

Anyway, I wanted to share this because all tests I took, nothing was able to be found with me. And it seems like this may be what I had... though doctor refused to give me a test because I was not presenting with chills & fever. I wanted to make everyone aware as it seems like the common symptoms are not the only ones. I'm planning to make a full recover at this time, within the next week.
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Interesting article about this 204 patient study. "Seven of the patients in the study had digestive symptoms but no respiratory symptoms." so I wonder why they even tested them to discover they had Covid.
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Usually you don't have sinus issues with Covid19. So it may be related to food or your Hepatitis. If you don't get worse you should be okay.
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