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If you've been fully vaccinated, what activities are you resuming now?

If you've been fully vaccinated, are you resuming all your normal activities, assuming they're open and you aren't on lockdown?

Are you going to the gym, to the movies, eating inside at restaurants, going to sporting events, etc.? Are you masking for any of these things?

What are you still not doing, if anything?

Am I the only still worried after being fully vaccinated?

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Here are some differences in my life since being vaccinated. I think it's a moving target and the status quo will change again and again over time, since it already has. We learn more, our comfort level changes. I've been:

- Walking around outside without a mask near other people, without being suspicious that I am accidentally breathing in when they just breathed out.

- Wearing a cloth mask and not just an N95.

- Grocery shopping with mask still on, partly to signal to other people visually that I'm not spreading anything. (Can't go around saying "I've been vaccinated! I've been vaccinated!" to strangers to reassure them, the mask does that.)

- Seeing my extended family inside the house and not 6 feet away, mostly without masks.

- Hugging my mom!
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We are not sure of effect of vaccine on new variants therefore safety is best option
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Doing all my usual things no problem!
Before I say, a caveat:  I wasn't doing great before covid, so covid didn't have as much of an effect on me as it did on most others.  I never masked while outdoors unless I was in a crowded area, as over a year ago it was announced it didn't spread well outdoors unless someone was in close proximity to others who were unmasked for an extended period of time.  So I never did understand all those people outdoors running or exercising or going somewhere who were nowhere near anyone else and were wearing masks -- that was never indicated, so again, for me, this part of it has been no change.  Indoors, I'm still going to wear a mask for at least the near future, and keep in mind, there are warnings that when cold weather returns so could covid.  I do believe contrary to what was stated that the vaccines are working pretty well against the variants.  They may not be working quite as well at completely preventing disease, but they are preventing people from dying or ending up in the ICU.  If we don't get the whole world vaccinated, of course, this could change, and may be already in India, where lots of people are getting infected a second time because of a variant there.  I also still have to look at which vaccine did you get?  We're not supposed to mention this, it's been taboo because it was so important that people get vaccinated, but four of the vaccines out there in the world don't work nearly as well as the others -- AstraZeneca, J&J, Sinovax, and India's vaccine don't appear to be nearly as effective as the others, so that raises an issue of how well protected we all are.  Some of us are clearly better protected than others because we got a more effective vaccine, but in practice, it appears to be that even if someone is more likely to still be able to become infected they are still quite a bit less likely to pass it on to others.  So the vaccines are working exceptionally well but am I ready to eat inside a restaurant?  No.  I'm still worried by the large number of those who have so far resisted vaccination and the impossibility of knowing who is who unless we adopt a card system that proves we are vaccinated.  None of the vaccines are 100% effective, and since only the wealthiest countries have much vaccine, and even in those countries due to demagogic politics in so many countries but especially in the US a lot of people aren't so far choosing to either wear a mask or get vaccinated, I'm still erring on the side of caution if I'm erring.  The CDC has announced you pretty much don't need to wear a mask anymore or avoid anything unless the place you're going has a rule if you're vaccinated, but I believe they have said that to encourage everyone to get vaccinated.  While the number of vaccinated people who have gotten infected is quite low, it is still over a thousand people, and again, not all vaccines are equally effective.  The point of a vaccine isn't just to protect the vaccinated person, it's to achieve herd immunity by vaccine so the virus goes away or mostly goes away because it can no longer find enough hosts to thrive.  We're nowhere near that point yet, so to me, I'm still going to wear the old mask indoors in a group setting, but outdoors, again, I never have worn one unless it was a crowded place.  Peace.
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I live in a state with one of the highest case counts, and my county has consistently been in the top 25 for the country. Even being fully vaccinated, I can't imagine eating inside a restaurant, going to the movies (which I don't think are open), or doing anything indoors without a mask.

However, I have some risk for complications, and have essentially been home for a year. What has changed is that I feel safer out in the world. I saw my mom and sister for Mother's Day. :)
I think the feeling of generally being safer when I do go out, is the biggest change for me. Like you, I'm not eating in a restaurant inside (though I have twice eaten at one outside recently) and when I'm inside I'm masked, but there is just a sense of having been released from a constraint.
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We’ve continued to do a lot of the things we always did, but with extra precaution - lots of it!!

Although I’m totally in favor of “freedom”, it concerns me that CDC let it go on the “honor system” because we know a lot of people were against masking to begin with, so of course, it’s ridiculous to think that any of them are suddenly going to be concerned about anyone else’s welfare and decide to wear a mask because they haven’t been vaccinated.  

As Paxiled said - we have no way of knowing who’s vaccinated and no one is allowed to ask,  so for right now, I assume that no one is vaccinated and still wear my mask whenever I go into a store or other inside place

That said, I never have worn a mask outside unless I’ve been in close proximity to other people.  
Second the above.  The CDC had its reasons I'm sure, but it's just way too soon to let down our guards.  It enabled states that have been pro-covid (no other way to put it, really) to go all in at a time when vaccinations are not anywhere near herd immunity.  And masking was already being ignored because of this thing historians will be puzzling over forever, which is how on Earth did a pandemic become a political issue in so many countries, including the US?  Just makes no sense.
“How on earth did a pandemic become a political issue in so may countries, including the US?”  My question, exactly, but we can’t discuss that here.  Lol
genuine question - but if the vaccine works, why are you worried about everyone else and whether they masked up or cared this entire time? that was the whole point of the vaccine i thought?
I certainly care that millions of people have died from this virus, worldwide, and many others are left with lingering - perhaps lifelong - health issues.  Some of this could have been prevented if people masked up and cared.

As for the vaccine, it is up to 95% effective. NOT 100% effective.  I am fully vaccinated, but mask up in enclosed spaces on the 5% chance that I have COVID.  Masks prevent the wearer from transmitting it to other people, and I don't want to risk passing it to someone who is vulnerable.  The mask offers minimal protection to the person wearing it, so the unmasked (and unvaccinated) are the ones presenting a transmission danger to others.

In a civilized society, people SHOULD care about whether other members of society get sick and die.
anxiouswhispers:  It's been widely reported that the vaccines won't necessarily "prevent" one from getting COVID - they prevent one from getting it "as badly" as they otherwise might.   If unvaccinated people are going around without masks, they can pass the virus to others.  

Also agree with CurfewX - we "should" care about other members of our society and whether they get sick and die.
The evidence is strong that vaccines do in fact prevent transmission.  But Curfew is right, none of the vaccines are 100% effective, and only two of them are 95% effective.  Some of them don't have adequate data, such as Sputnik and the Chinese vaccines, but Sputnik appears to be 90% effective and the Chinese vax around 60%.  But J&J, AstraZeneca are only 72% or so effective, and we don't know which vaccine a person got.  We also don't know whether they work for all variants, because as long as the virus stays around new variants are going to arise that haven't been tested against the vaccines.  The point of getting vaccinated is to achieve herd immunity, which is when somewhere around 85% percent of the Earth's human population is vaccinated and keeps getting any necessary boosters, as we don't know how long immunity lasts.  There are people walking around out there who have gotten covid after being fully vaccinated, and a few of them have died, so that's why masking is still essential.  And tell everyone you know to get the darned vaccine so we can see if we can squash this thing.  
Paxiled touched on another very important point - variants.  Viruses mutate when they are transmitted from vector to vector (in this case, human to human).  The speed at which, and the degree to which, they mutate varies from virus to virus, but COVID has shown the propensity to produce variants rather quickly.  If a sufficient portion of the population does not vaccinate, and the virus continues to be transmitted, we could eventually see a variant against which the vaccine is much less effective, or entirely ineffective.  

We would then be back at square one and lockdowns, closures, and mask mandates would start all over again.  I don't think anyone wants to see that.
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Fully vaccinated (thank you Moderna). As for normal activities or the ones you list.... gym (not fully open yet), movies (hardly went pre-covid, so no), restaurants (see movies answer), sporting events (see movies answer). Masking - I always start off with a mask (I don't like wearing one) then if I see/understand that I can take it off and others are fine with it I do.  I wear it for the benefit/comfort of others mostly.  My location is still not fully "back to normal".  I am not worried for me, but for those in my immediate circle, I would hate to pass it on to someone who is truly vulnerable.
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Read the part near the bottom titled. "Hospitalized or fatal COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC as of May 24, 2021"

As of May 24, 2021, more than 130 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. During the same time, CDC received reports from 47 U.S. states and territories of vaccine breakthrough cases in patients who were hospitalized or died.
Hospitalized or fatal vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC 2,454
The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons.               https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/health-departments/breakthrough-cases.html      
To read further, only 439 of these cases were fatalities, and of these, 71 of these deaths were not related to covid.  Of the hospitalizations, 540 of them were not related to covid.  77% of these cases were in people over age 65.  This is something we all knew would happen, of course, because none of the vaccines is 100% effective.  The two best ones are above 90% effective, Moderna and BioNTech.  But the J&J is only around 72% effective in the US at preventing covid, so 30% of those getting that vaccine would be expected to be susceptible to getting covid.  Most of the breakthrough infections are asymptomatic or mild, including, as noted above, in many of the hospitalizations and deaths -- they had asymptomatic covid but did have it but were sick from something else that got them into the hospital.  That being noted, this is one reason I believe the opening up and dropping of the guidance to mask up is premature, as there is still quite a bit of covid circulating in the US, a lot more circulating in the world which will get here, variants still developing the vaccines might not be so good at dealing with, and what is an elongated vaccination program due to too many unwilling to get one, too many unwilling to mask, and too many in the rest of the world having these  problems along with no vaccines to give out.  This isn't over yet, if it ever will be, but I guess the thinking is, we can't stay locked up forever and this may be as good as it is ever going to get.  Peace.
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