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Is coronavirus transmitted through blood ?

If i have scratch in my hand finger and touched virus, is this risky for me? Can it transmit virus through blood this way?

Is there any way the virus is transmitted by blood?
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No, it isn't.

It's spread through saliva droplets or when someone sneezes or coughs.  
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As auntiejessie says, this is a respiratory virus. To do you harm, the virus that causes Covid-19 has to get into your respiratory system via the eyes or nose, by being breathed in or rubbed in.

The reason for all the hand washing is that people rub their eyes and wipe their noses with their hands all the time without thinking about it. Since the virus can float in the air and live on surfaces, you're washing your hands to keep it off of them so they do not become the bridge for the virus to go in your eyes or nose.

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Not to my knowledge. They are planning on using antibodies from people that had Cororna virus to make some people immune to it. Thus, they wouldn't be doing that if they thought it was transmitted by blood.
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