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Miracle Covid cure that wasn't

They sold 10,000 bottles but didn't get any cures.
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The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved MMS for treatment of Covid-19, or for any other use, but has received reports of people requiring hospitalizations, developing life-threatening conditions, and dying after drinking MMS, according to the US Attorney's Office.
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I had to Google that one.  Hadn't heard of MMS.  First thing that came up was some messaging service.  So I tried again and realized it's bleach.  So of course it's toxic to drink bleach.  I realize our President suggested it, and that many people were spreading this on the darker and weirder regions of the internet that he hangs out on, but are you saying people are still drinking chlorine?
All I know is what the CNN link I provided said.
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Apparently they originally touted it as an autism cure, and now they are selling it to prevent Covid-19.
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I hate to be pedantic but the President did not tell anyone to drink bleach. He merely questioned whether disinfecting from within had merit. He did not suggest any particular disinfectants or methods... He was troubleshooting possible avenues of new thought.

New thought is like planting seeds and he wanted a bigger audience than the small cloistered society he is trapped in. He had the wrong audience (the Press, for whom I have no respect) for that kind of forward-thinking.  

I already disinfect from within...via advanced whitening toothpaste, cool blue mouthwash (I dab a tissue to wipe out my nostrils...usually while in my vehicle after grocery shopping-grocery shopping is the primary source of viral infection imo), zinc lozenges, and my albuterol inhaler-all legal substances used appropriately.

I have been wiping out the nostrils for 10yrs since reading a Dr from India's post that it couldn't hurt, and so far for me it hasn't. You must do it in a timely manner-wait too long and it won't help. Don't eat the toothpaste and don't swallow/snort/inhale the mouthwash!

Did any of you read the news article about research on the nasal passageways being the primary garden for airborn viruses? The seeds of virus drop from the nasal area and ultimately land randomly in the lungs-apparently they are finding the patches of virus in the lungs of COVID patients are randomly located and do not coat the entire lung?  

DISCLAIMER: I am a Democrat.
Scientific breakthroughs are generated by scientists and none of them are interested in ideas from people like Trump who don't understand science. Trump's "new thoughts" were only intended to gaslight his voter base, and did a pretty good job on some of them, such as the guy who died playing scientist by drinking fish cleaner, etc.
I am thinking that rather than wiping out the nostrils manually, if the virus is stuck in the nasal mucus it makes just as much sense to blow the nose vigorously after one has been near someone or in a situation in which they felt exposed. My mask gives me a sniffly nose anyway, and I always blow my nose after taking it off. Who knows, it can't hurt, like the person in India said.
Okay, Trump did indeed recommend bleach indirectly by retweeting about it.  This was a long time ago, not at that press conference.  It came from conspiracy theories all over the web that were so prevalent the gov't had to put out a warning not to drink bleach.  So yes, this really happened.  At that press conference, he suggested to a member of his task force that they investigate injecting bleach.  Dr. Blix, I think that's her name, made a face and then responded by trying to correct him without him noticing and told everyone not to do that.  Trump doesn't live a cloistered life by force; he does that by choice.  He likes conspiracy theories and doesn't believe scientists and other members of the educated elite, and always has, long before he ran for President.  It is who he is, and if you like that, you like that, and if you don't, you don't.  It would just be a quirk or political if it didn't involve our well-being and survival, but since it does, it comes to matter.  It didn't matter when he wasn't making decisions for us.  As for the nostril treatment, the traditional way to do that in India isn't by inhaling toxic chemicals, as you are doing, but by rinsing the nostrils with salt water.  The also disinfects.  But it won't help with covid, because once you've inhaled covid it is already in your lungs.  It doesn't infect your nose, it infects your lungs, and from there your kidneys, liver, heart, brain, etc. depending on how severe your case is and how much of it you inhaled.  So unless you're inhaling disinfectant mouthwash, just wiping the outside of the nostrils won't actually do anything for you, and will do less than rinsing with salt water, which you can wash all the way through, but none of that will touch covid because it gets you by invading the lungs after your breathe in what are pretty small particles you can't see.  By the time you're washing the outside of your nostrils it's too late, assuming you were exposed to covid enough to get infected.  As for landing randomly, all viruses always land randomly.  They can't aim.  If they hit the sweet spot, we get sick, and if they don't, we don't.  Much of life is random, but covid is everywhere so the best and only protection we have is avoidance and a strong immune system.  Peace, all.
I hate to be pedantic but I typed DON'T swallow/snort/inhale, and I typed wipe OUT your nostrils, not wipe off. Reading Comprehension 101.

I agree blowing the nose is also very important--DO NOT Sniff! Use good quality tissues so you don't abrade the skin around the nostrils and expand the garden virus planting ground.  

Tissues reduce the volume of the enemy, and retaining your nose hairs also helps, but surface is a very vague term and what lies just beneath the surface needs to be disinfected, in theory, hence wiping OUT the nostrils with the mouthwash:-) I use the mouthwash that has Cool in its title.

I have always wondered what that newer Kleenex (which was marketed as antibiotic) was all about. Personally I use the lotion Kleenex (frequently Walmart's version of it.)

While we are at it, do not pick your nose, or scratch the sleep out of the corners of your eyes, or lick your fingers/pick your teeth.

I am well versed in viruses (TB ?antibodies? from close verbal interactions for a year with an infected person, Influenzas from caring for parents, and from people in public who should have stayed home when ill, measles from MMR vaccination, and RSV from hallway air shortly after the ill person had walked down the hall.) I already knew how long those droplets hang in the air!  

You would be amazed how hard management in hospitals fights employees over adequate sick leave, when management is well aware the employee is exposing coworkers AND patients.
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We are closing this thread.

Please do not inhale, drink or otherwise ingest bleach or other disinfectants. There is no scientific evidence that it works to cure Covid-19 or anything else. Also, ingesting bleach can cause serious harm or kill you.

We are not a political site, we are a medical site. We have a Current Events User Group that is available if anyone wants to discuss the political aspects of Covid-19 - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Current-Events---/show/621

This discussion was closed by the MedHelp Community Moderation team. If you have any questions please contact us.
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