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Nervous about the COVID19 vaccine side effects

I am so afraid of the side effects I might get from the covid19 vaccine. It's all so seemingly random, and I don't know if I'll be fine, or really sick for three days.

I know we all have to put it on sooner or later. But I can't help be nervous about it. How many of you had side effects?
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I've been fully vaccinated with both doses of Pfizer vaccine.  Had some symptoms with the first that were just mainly fatigue and I felt some chills and my arm hurt where they injected.  I had zero symptoms, not even a sore arm, after the second.  I feel great peace of mind.  I was nervous. But when you think about the consequences that could happen with you get covid and have a serious case?  That would make me more nervous.  The vaccine that was put on pause briefly had SIX cases out of over SIX Million people vaccinated.  So, so rare that the odds of that happening are like winning the lottery.  Once you are vaccinated, you will feel better.  A lot of stress goes away to have it and know you have that protective factor in place.
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I had the Moderna.  First shot had a sore arm for 3 days, but no other symptoms of it.  Second shot, got a little agitated, but it might have been the mood I was in.  The sore arm was less of a problem, and no other problems.  My wife has had the first Moderna, and had just a tad of a sore arm but was quite tired the day of the shot and slept most of the day.  Otherwise, no other problems.  I will confess that I passed on an opportunity to get the J&J before the clot data came out because the other two just have way better outcomes statistically, and my wife did the same.  We're both incredibly grateful for the vaccine because we want this to end, and it can't end unless we get near 80% of the entire world's population vaccinated.  When you're in one of these situations, you have to do what is right for everyone.  It's not just us, it's everyone.  It's always natural to be nervous about any medication.  It's healthy to be nervous.  But in this case, we just have to do what we have to do, and the outcomes so far have been astoundingly good with very very few problems so far.  If it goes on like this, it is a miracle.  Peace.
Thank you guys for the answers, like I said on the note I left on your profile, I got the Moderna
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I was unsure about the vaccine when they were developing it. Then, the numbers began to come in, and they were spectacular -- it's hard to argue with millions and millions of people being safely vaccinated and having a 90% - 95% success rate for the vaccine.
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I was the same way. I was quite skeptical about it all, and then started learning more, and hearing the numbers, and I'm perfectly fine with it now. I just got my second dose, and I had side effects, but I'm okay with that. It's better than covid, and I'm doing my part.
Glad many of you guys answered cause it makes me feel a little more safe. Thank you for your answer and comment; auntiejessi & AnnieBrooke
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All of the vaccines are good. My entire family got Pfizer shots one and two with 21 days in between each one and outside of having a sore arm which we all have with most vaccines there were no side effects. The shot itself felt like a pinch for a split second and then it was over. They asks that you sit in an area so they can observe you for twenty minutes to make sure you don't have any reaction. During that time I look at my emails and read a book in order to keep my mind busy and not have any anxiety about the shot. Afterwards, you can leave just keep your vaccination card with you at all times. You will get an email to schedule the second shot 21 or 28 days later depending on which shot you got. The area where you got the shot will get really sore that night and continue throughout the next two days and then it will go away. One thing is you cannot mix the shots if you start with Pfizer or Moderna you have to get the second shot with that as well.
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I got the vaccine this week, I had a fever the next day which lasted the whole day but the next day I felt a lot better. I had to monitor my self the whole day I had the fever but other than that only the sore arm. I started to work again yesterday just fine :D Only missed 2 days of wok not much Lol
Thanks for the answer
All vaccines are effective. Serious side effects are rare, no medicine ever discovered will not have side effects in some people but one has to look at numbers. Vaccines have had side effects in no more than in 6% of people Susan for them but accepted. Please have vaccine.
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My mom got her first dose of vaccine few days back and she has experienced no side effects. Also, my other family members have gotten their first doses and they are all absolutely fine.
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Thanks for the answer, wish I didn't get any side effects but at least I'm just fine after putting it. Only got a fever the next day but got better. I put Moderna this week
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I got my second yesterday.  My arm is pretty sore still, and I had some general malaise that is lingering a bit, and a headache when I woke up this morning.  I have most certainly felt better in my life, but I've also certainly felt a lot worse.   Symptoms started about 8 hours after getting the shot, and now I'm about 30 hours post-vaccination, and I am already feeling a lot better.  So, less than 24 hours with what I'll call "annoying" symptoms - and TOTALLY worth it.

I already feel relieved to know that I'll soon be very well protected from COVID, and have done my part to contribute to herd immunity.  (This is VERY important, because the more people who become infected, the more likely mutations will occur that might make the current vaccine less effective.)
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Congrats, Curfew.  I became completely vaccinated a couple weeks ago.  It hasn't changed my life much, I know they don't give 100% protection so I still take precautions, but for me, side effects were pretty minimal.  The arm pain from the first shot wasn't nice, but the second shot for some reason didn't give me the same thing.  Good for everyone!
Thank you CurfewX , for the answer, yes I noticed the "annoying" side effects to. I had a fever the next day after vaccination, but I got better. I was able to work again yesterday
Congrats, and thanks for the sweet note on my profile. Glad to have helped. :)
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