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Excess Skin Removal

My wife has lost a incredible amount of skin all over her body. The amount has been 100lbs plus and even though she has continued to eat healthy and works out she unfortunately still has a considerable amount of skin left that the doctor has told her will never go away. I have investigated on finding burn centers or locations that may need her excess skin and possibly reduce her price for surgery but to no avail I have been sucessful. Do you know of any resources that exist that we might be able to investigate? Our second option is going international for the surgery to reduce cost like mexico or costa rica. What do you know about outside medicine and is it recommended to save cost regarding this type of procedure?
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I know of no surgical discounts available for donation of excess skin.  Going out of the country for surgery has its drawbacks and benefits.  The cost savings can be there, although you now have to factor in airfare.  The big drawback is very limited follow-up and potential lack of qualification of the surgeon.  Follow-up over the long haul is essential after major surgery for mass weight loss.  Practicing plastic surgery in California, I have seen innumerable patients who require redos after having surgery in Mexico, Central and South America.  They end up spending far more than if there original surgery was performed near their place of residence in the US.
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you know the thought of all the skin that docs could get for burn patients from people who lost mass weight would be a wonderful idea..Some places will give discounts you just will need to do alot of legwork but going out of the u.s. I would not risk my life for i have heard of many horror stories from people trying to save money that way..Just take your time and see what you may come across...Maybe she could get paid for the tissue harvest if its big enough and that may help some ck it out good luck Bri!
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