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Soldier needs assistance

Dear sir or ma'am,
    My wife is in desperate need of a lift with implants and a tummy tuck. We have four kids together and it has taken a toll on her physically, and because of the physical it has really taken a toll on her emotionally. She has been dealing with depression, because of how upset she is with the way her body looks. She is 26 and very ashamed with how she looks. I am in the military and obviously cannot get the surgery she needs covered by our insurance. She is ready to have it done immediately and is curious about a TX doctor that will do pro-bono work. If we have to travel then so be it. We are from MA but stationed at Fort Hood, TX.  So my main question would be is there a way to look up pro-bono work or students looking for patients etc. We will travel if needed. She is a very pretty girl and I really want to get this setup for here, so we can build her self-confidence up and get her out of this depressive state. It will be great for her as well as our four kids, who she can just be overall better to be around. Thank you for your time.
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Try consulting at a local university training program for plastic surgeons.  I doubt if the procedure would be for free, but the services may be discounted.
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Boston, I actually work for your insurance company. If your wife can prove it is a medical nec. then there are benefits for plastic surgery. I am not saying implants are covered but as far as abdominalplasty and breasts lifts then you do have benefits based on whether it is a medical nec. You should contact Tricare and get further details.

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