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chronic pain after 4 years

I had a face lift 4 years ago.  I had extreme discomfort generating from under the chin radiating to the ears shortly afterwards and returned to my surgeon for many visits trying various medications, etc with no relieft.  Things seemed to calm down somewhat but the extreme tightness continued but I learned to live with it.  One year ago the discomfort escalated to another level and the burning, pulsing, tightness, numbness, is covering 3/4 of the left side of my face and the lower 1/4 of the right.  I have spent this entire last year going from dr. to dr, including two other plastic surgeons (my own dr sent me away saying it had nothing to do with the surgery although it started directly after), nerurologoist, vascular specialist, acupuncture, etc, etc.
Do you have any thoughts / ideas of what could be wrong?  The neurologist is treating me for Trigeminal neuraligia resulting from the surgery and we are now on the third medication with no relief.  I can not bear to live with this pain and have no where to turn.  Any thoughts you have are greatly appreciated.  This surgery was the worst mistake I have ever made.
Thank you.
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While unusal following any surgery, particularly a facelift, it sounds like you are suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD).  If you continue to remain in distress even with your neurologists treatment, then I would consider seeking care at a regional university medical center that has a dedicated pain clinic.  They would be highly familiar with your problem and would be able to offer you a multi-disciplinary approach for treating your condition.
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