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Foreskin Removal

When my son was born, the hospital he was born at used a procedure to circumcise I have never seen before. They used a rubber band type deal.
I'm not going to get into this story, but when he was born I was not even aware until a few days later, "Divorce" and new boy friend, enough on that.
When I became aware of his birth, I went to visit, They said he was doing well but was crying alot and did not urinate enough and due to my farming and I guess common sense, I looked him over and they had put the band around his whole penis. I rushed him to the hospital, where they had to cut the band off and test for damage, Everything was fine but one thing, He is now 16 and is ashamed of the scare, and I want to get he to where he needs to go to remove excess foreskin. It's not very bad, it's like a knot on one side of the penis.
Please advise what type of Doctor do I need to see to correct problem.

Thank You: Doug68

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I would seek the help of a urologist to see what alternatives are available to help your son.
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Thank You that helps me alot, I know a good one close by. Thanks Again, Doug68
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