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Is there such a thing as a calf implant?

My daughter was born with a shortened achillies tendon and after four years of casting to stretch this muscle naturally, we decided to permanently fix with surgery.  As a result, her left calf muscle has never reached full development.  She is now 17 and painfully aware of this difference.   She has tried numerous exercises to no avail and has asked us to look into plastic surgery.  We were told 13 years ago there was no procedure to correct this.  Have medical advances been made in this area?  If so, what is the approximate cost of the surgery?  Is she a candidate or is she still too young?  Thank you in advance for help, she started college this year and is not feeling too good about herself.
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Calf implants have been available for many years.  I would see a plastic surgeon in your area to see if she is a candidate.  Make sure the surgeon has experience in performing this procedure, since it is not done that often.
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Thank you for your rapid response.  I will talk to my daughter with this encouraging news and schedule a few appointments with local plastic surgeons.  Thanks again.
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