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hellpp please asap

Last thursday i had went to a party where my friend was going to leave but he was drunk i told him not to drink and drive and he head butted me in my nose..  my nose was displaced i went to the hospital emergency  where i iced it and then they sedated me and straightened my nose... my nose now is more or less straight looks good still alittle bit swollen its been 5 days since they reset it .. my question is i can breathe fine through both nostrils my nose is pretty much straight how long until my nose heals to where i can go and play soccer again .. and two the hospital refered me to a surgeon where i have an appointment on friday im thinking this is just procedure ( the hospital said i might have a small hairline fracture but they couldnt tell ) do you think il need surjery due to the fact my nose is straight i can breathe fine im not in pain and how long till u think i can play soccer again thanks alot
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If your nose is straight and you can breathe well then you will likely not require any further procedures on your nose in the future.  It will take a while for the swelling to subside, may take several months.  In terms of active sports, you should probably refrain from physical sports where you can injure your nose for up to a month.  
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thank you for your help sir , i didn;t belive i would need more procedures.. one last questiion the swelling has actually more or less subsided already my nose is practically normal how long does it take for the bone to become strong enough to with hold pressure.? .. i play semi profffesional soccer and dont really have a month to take off i understand you said 4 weeks i was thinkin maybe 10 - 14 days from the inocedent whats your advice?
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