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sudden onset of sagging in arms

I am 44 years old. Lost 25lbs over 6 years ago and immediately joined a gym. I toned my arms and they have been beautiful up until this summer where suddenly over the past month I have lost the elasticity in my arms..my wrinkles show all over and underneath my biceps, the flab is hanging down, which hasn't happened in 6 years. What is going on? I am panicked and fearful of what is to come. My doctor has said that sun damage and old age are basically the culprits....it has happened so suddenly that I can't accept this.
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To be brutally honest, you doctor is correct.  There has probably been biologic changes in the elasticity of your skin.  There are newer techniques that are becoming available that may alter this condition without the scarring that an inner arm lift entails.  For example, I am currently an investigator for a new radiofrequency device (BodyTite) but it is too early to claim this one procedure will accomplish what you desire.
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Thank you. I am a single parent living in Canada and would love to know of any other procedures that could help.  Is it normal for them to come on so suddenly? My doctor said that my body will stay like this for approximately 10 years or so until I hit another phase. I just don't want it to keep going at this accelerated rate.  
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