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I had personal trauma on March 16th, and have been stressing ever since, anxiety, not eating, not sleeping etc. Beginning of April my stomach started knotting and yesterday the doctor told me (she knows about the stressful situation) that I have Gastritis and gave me Ranitidine 150mg 1 tablet twice a day. She stated the reason me being stressed, not eating and taking say certain meds on an empty stomach. The nausea feeling is gone at last, but my stomach is rumbling and it keeps on feeling like I am going to have diarrhea, with the situation worse between meals, with everything settling around 40 minutes post eating. At night when I sleep all is good. My stools are good, although the last two evenings I had very light diarrhea of yellowish color, but in the morning my stools are solid. I am forcing myself to eat 3 times per day and bananas every time I feel the hunger coming. I have already lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks. I am trying to relax and think of something else, but during the day at my desk it is teh worse. Question: How long will it take for my stomach to settle, including diarrhea and the rumbling and for all the gastritis to go away
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