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Could this be chron’s?

A little over a year ago I started having gut symptoms shortly after moving. I had severe cramping with major pain (that would only last until I had a bowel movement or passed gas) usually leading up to a blowout that looked like tiny fibers in the water. Almost like coffee grounds it was so small of prices and watery. Like the actual BM was dissolving almost with a lot of mucus etc. anyway this happened a couple times a month for a few months and I went to my doctor who ordered basic bloodwork and a stool sample. Stool was negative for bacteria or parasite but I don’t think they checked for blood, my bloods were all normal except slightly low B12 (it’s not celiac I’ve already been tested for it genetically and it came back negative) and my inflammatory markers were all very low (in a good way) given my symptoms my doctor said it sounds like IBS, which I can’t deny either but I just want other opinions here. It came on 2-4 times a month with major cramps and a blowout which would alleviate any pain or pressure. Sometimes it looked pretty dark but he said that doesn’t really mean blood unless it’s very pitch black. He also said my stomach making a rushing water noise was indicative of IBS and that with something like Chrohns a movement wouldn’t alleviate symptoms and pain like they do in my case. Also he said with Chrohn’s they would expect much higher inflammatory markers in blood. Now since September my symptoms have gotten better, I had one light case of dishhrea on Christmas Day and one today on March 8th and despite a couple bouts of bad gas pain nothing else in between then. So I guess I’m just curious what other people think here who have struggled with the real deal or have knowledge about it.  

This all did start with major stressors like moving and completing college and getting engaged etc so the aiBS theory definitely has some merit.
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Even if it is "just IBS" this can be debilitating.  I have a lot of GI damage due to IBD but my inflammation markers are so low its crazy. They told me for 10+ years it was IBS, bc I have anxiety attacks.  Now they are saying IBD.

  Regardless of diagnosis, most important is diet.   You may benefit from a food allergy test. Or if you have the discipline you can try an elimination diet. Or at the least keep a journal and include life stressors, mood and food. All of which is honestly kind of hard for me to keep track of but super beneficial.  Also, B12 deficiency can cause all sorts of havoc on multiple systems.  I am starting the Simple Carbohydrate Diet for my IBD.  Drinking enough water is incredibly important as well.  Just be vigilant and during flare ups adjust eating to foods known to heal you. Good luck :)
I apologize they believe yours is something more, however it is important to remember IBS is common and IBD is rare,

Are your inflammation markers still flagged though? Because mine are well within normal range, they say there is usually at least a ‘flag’ with IBD during a flare. Especially in your case if they haven’t for sure diagnosed you.. usually an untreated flare would cause major issues in months not years
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