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Crohn's = muscle spasms?

Since my diagnosis of Crohn's I have noticed several symptoms that I often wonder if they are related to this disease, because through my research I have not found anything about them.

I am aware of all the typical and not so typical symptoms. But I have been having muscle spasms mostly in my abdominal area, but not limited to that area (ei, some times in my legs, or arms, but mostly in my 'trunk'-front and back). They don't really hurt, just those funny rapid quick movements under your skin that you can see...

I am going back to my GI next week, so I plan on asking him then. Currently I am not on any meds, and I am waiting for approval from the GI to start Remicade. So, it can't be the side effect from meds.

They are not painful, but they are very frequent (sometimes 10-12 a day, lasting a few seconds) so I wonder if it means anything ??

Does anyone else have this or other symptoms not typical and found them to relate back to the Crohn's?
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i get that but mines because of the meds....i'm not sure why you have them. may just be coincindence
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I have muscle spasms with Crohns so that is normal.
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Glad I came across this because I was curious about the same thing! I was diagnosed with crohn's this summer and found a similar correlation between flares and muscle spasms.... it seems to be normal. I think that crohns causes vitamin/mineral deficiencies which in turn leads to the muscle spasms. I'd experiment with supplements or eat foods to get enough magnesium/potassium/calcium and see if the spasms get better. I've found when I eat pumpkin seeds and bananas the spasms get a little better. crohn's is a blessing in disguise! We're going to know our bodies so well at the end of this life journey :)
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Absolutely caused by the Crohn's - ask your DR about medicines to calm the cramping - it's not doing you any good, lol - Chamomile helps calm the cramping, as do hot baths & soaking.  Chron's is like having a group of misbehaved kids - each one misbehaving in a different way, and to calm the riot - each individual must be disciplined.  
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FIrsy of all Temicadr did  not work for me. Hetr is the secret your dd
octors won't tell you.lorcet 10/650,xanax, Azulfadine for the gas/swelling. The diseaes is either mental or viral.No doctor really knows the cause of this horrible disease
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You must not have chrohns it is not a blessing in disguis. Tje pain is exvrutiating and doctors that treat it don't evenbrgin to understand the pain,discomfort these diseaes cause.
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Over time opiods cure Chrons and Colitis.Unfortunatley 90% of your doctors are afrsid of DEA and will not help you because you make many trips too him.
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In third worid countries the doctors treat Chrons with opiads
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