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Crohn's or something else? Lab & Biopsy Result Interpretation 22yrs

Hello! First time poster here.

I'm 22 years old and having a really hard time interpreting my results wanted to know if anyone had any insight on my lab results (of course I am speaking to my doctor too but just wanted to see what was out there!)

A very brief summary of everything:

I've had GI problems since I was 12 but over the past 2 years they have progressively gotten worse to the point where I have lost 15+ kilos (I normally weigh 135 lbs and now I weigh 114 lbs) with no diet change whatsoever, increased nausea causing an inability to eat despite hunger, and vomiting spells at random (not pregnancy), on top of the symptoms from before including crippling GI pain after meals/eating small amounts at random, very visible bloating after eating, gas, the urgency to defecate and feeling of not fully defecating, intense reflux when having an "attack" (usually a few hours after eating anything from a bite to a meal, bloating, increasing pain, reflux, diarrhea, vomiting, inability to stand) feeling of fullness after one bite, intense diarrhea (normally with the vomiting spells) or constipation, anal fissures.. etc. The list goes on. 

The tough part about the diagnosis is that I'm selective IgA deficient (<6 mg/dL), hence IgA tTG test was useless. They did show: 
-An increase in the AST-GOT liver enzyme of 75 U/L (normal is below 35 U/L) and from what I have read, it's not specific to just the liver but it points a bit at liver abnormalities and it's strange to have in someone who doesn't drink at all or have any hepatitis. 

-Slight anemia, hematocrit 33.4% (which is guess is normal for a young female)

-Negative calprotectin, parasites/giardia (fecal test)
I also had a duodenal biopsy which showed a normal morphology/structure of the small intestine, but an increased amount of interstitial lympho-plasmacytic infiltrate in lamina propria.

-Abdominal ultrasound showed no masses/etc.

I'm just frustrated that there are no clear answers and needed some advice! Could it be crohn's or something else? Any and all input is appreciated.
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Hello again.  I believe I answered this on your other thread.  I am wondering what the doctor has now said about your results?  Please share as it may really help others.  You do seem to describe the symptoms of ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease.  But those are also the symptoms of IBS as well.  Let us know how this turns out.  

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Hello! Yes, thank you so much for your answer on the other thread. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow, it was the earliest  I could get! Will definitely keep you updated.
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