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The Maker's Diet anyone?

I just recieved my book the other day and I've yet to get thru it but right now it's really interesting reading for us who have IBD and all that it entails.

Has anyone out here ever tried this? Do you have the book?

Any replies would be appreciated......Thanks and God bless!
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I have read the book recently and found it very informative. I haven't tried any of the supplements suggested yet but I am trying not to eat the scavenger type meats, eating better all around. I was trying to find a better way of eating and to control my abdominal/intestinal pains and abruptly had to have my gallbladder removed so now i'm making many changes to my diet. This book is wonderful and I plan to try more of the suggestions. My sister in law does use the sweetener Stevia, she loves it. She was diagnosed with Crohn's recently. Because she also has fungus in her intestines she is restricted even more as to what she can eat. We both have also read the book The Gut Solution.
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I read the book a long time ago and if I remember correctly it's pretty restrictive. But if you think you can do it and want to give it a try, then I'd say go for it! It certainly seems healthy.
I too have The Gut Solution! That's pretty good too. I'm trying some of the supplements suggested in that one.
Hope you find something that works. Best wishes.
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I haven't tried the Makers diet book but I have read BREAKING THE VICIOUS CYCLE by ELAINE GOTTSCHALL.  This book has saved my life.  You could also look up the SCD (special carbohydrate diet) DIET on the web.  It talks about eliminating sugar, starch, wheat and other items from your diet.  This is the first time in 10 plus years that I have actually felt better.

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hi my partner has ulcerative colitis and has high protein does any1 now what this means thanks mark
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I read the book a few years ago. I tried the diet and attempted to follow the eating, the products, etc.... for a while. I couldn't afford it but I did like it. Read the book and try it. It appears to be very helpful if you can stick with it. Jordan Rubin looks great. He doesn't look like he was ever diagnosed with Crohn's.
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