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Upper right abdominal and right mid-back pain, but only in the AM????

Over the summer I started with a nagging ache right side only (upper abdominal) & I also feel it in the same spot on my back (like it goes straight though).  As the months go by, it is getting worse.  If I rouse at 6:30 AM, it hurts and I have to try to get into a comfortable spot in bed.  After I get up, move around, and eat, I'm fine.  No weight loss, yellow eyes, blood in stool or anything.  Sometimes, though, I may feel a fullness in that area (doesn't hurt).  My GI dr. dismissed me - doesn't believe it is intestinal (I suggested an endoscope, since I have a colonoscopy coming up).  My primary suggested a CT, but I don't want to jump into another one of those (more radiation).  Backstory:  I have had inflammation in my stomach in the past (gastritis/duodenditis) - flares that would last a week.  Only an endoscope after the fact showed evidence of "itis".  My mom had an ulcer at 50 (I'm 52).  My son (12) has severe IBD/eosinophilic disorder.  I'm confused by this because I feel normal during the rest of the day.  I'm scared it could be a tumor, but wouldn't that hurt all day?  It is in the area of the gallbladder, but doesn't come after fatty meals.  What on Earth could it be?  
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Sorry to hear about your discomfort.    Your colonoscopy would  more revealing if you have Crohn's Disease.  If that does not give results, perhaps then an endoscopy would be suggested but it is usually after the colonoscopy. Glad you have that scheduled.  A barium X ray test could also be beneficial.  Even having your stool checked for white or red blood cells would help determine. You've been to a general practitioner, what about going the next route to a specialist such as a gastroenterologist. You could also try to make some life style changes in terms of diet to see if that helps in the mean time.

Medications are often used to control and treat Crohn's. Here is an overview: https://www.onhealth.com/content/1/crohns_disease

Please don't allow anxiety to make you jump to an assumption of a tumor.  Very unlikely.  However, the various tests already mentioned would be the best route to determine that such as barium x ray, colonoscopy, or CT.

Because you have upper right quadrant pain, gallbladder issues also come to mind.

So, perhaps a gastro specialist would be of assistance to you and we hope you let us know how it is going as you unravel this health issue in your life.  All the best to you.

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Thank you for your comment, Sara.  Just to clarify, I am seeing a GI dr.  Have been to him many times for polyops on the colon and upper GI discomfort.  He has never done an endoscope or mentioned a barium xray (what would that xray show?).  It was another GI dr. who did the endoscope years ago.  

I would like him to do both tests at the same time, so I don't have to go under twice and the insurance company doesn't have to pay twice.  Imagine that I get the colonoscopy done on the 14th, and someone suggests after that I need an endoscope.  My primary was going to start with a CT, but that has never revealed anything.  I don't think a CT can show inflammation.  As mentioned, I've had upper GI discomfort on/off over many years, but other than gastritis/duodenditis dx that one time, this GI dr. likes to call it IBS, which I know doesn't fit and doesn't make sense.  

My son has IBD and an eosinophilic disorder and other relatives have had crohns, ulcers, auto-immune, etc.  I just want an answer and relief would be swell, if you know what I mean.  Ruling out anything more serious would also remove stress.  I know so many people who woke with back pain that turned out to be cancer.  Sorry for the long reply, but I'm so frustrated!
We do have to be our own advocates for our health.  You are being thorough and prudent in making sure all is not serious in your case and to get to the bottom of your symptoms.  I do not blame you for that. Do remember though that many who have pain in no way shape or form have cancer as well.  In fact, it usually is not cancer. Please let us know what you do end up doing for your next step.  Will these tests take place soon?
I will check back in after I hear from my GI dr.  I did send him a picture with the area circled and more details - lol.  He's going to love me.  Either way, I'll see him next Monday for my colonsocopy.  I'll be happy if that precancerous polyop they have been following isn't back.    This is my 3rd colonoscopy just to monitor that : (
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