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b12 injections after colon resection

I had a blockage after years of undiagnosed Crohn's disease in the mid-90's.  Finally had a colon resection in 1995 and of course I know longer have the part of my digestive tract (iliuem) that's responsible for absorbing b12 and since my colon was diseased for so long "before" my surgery, I probably didn't absorb b12 then either.

I'm considering giving myself my b12 shots due to the cost and inconvenience of waiting in the drs. office for sometimes up to 45 minutes.  Can anyone give me an idea of how many mcgs you give yourself?  Thanks, Deb
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My sister gives me my injection once a month (she's a nurse).  It was prescribed at 1 ML monthly.  I got enough for 30 injections and it only cost me $1 for the entire bottle compared to $44 per shot at the doctor's office.  
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Same situation here!  I give myself a b12 shot every 2 weeks but plan to go to weekly since it is documented to improve energy and I am quite active with exercise and dance.
Your activity level is awesome!  So, you feel the B12 shots help you a lot?  Any down side to them?
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