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Crohns ruled out? Or are colonoscopies sensitive for dx'ing?

I was hoping someone could share some advice with me.  I've had problems with abdominal pain, fatigue, cramping, diarrhea, on and off for 15 years, often it will get really bad for 4-8 weeks, then get to be less of a problem.  There are other times that I get constipated, especially without enough fiber.

Had a colonoscopy recently, results showed I have a severely spastic redundant sigmoid and descending colon.  My doc took some biopsies and the results came back, just said "negative".  The results were sent back to my normal gp,  due to insurance issues, so I never got to ask the gastro doc any questions.

Sooo...does this basically rule out crohns? The part about the redundant colon (basically, an extra length of colon) explains the constipation, and the spastic colon points to IBS...weird they can tell during the procedure.  I've also been keeping a bowel journal, and found that certain foods were linked to it (beef, milk, corn, broccoli, soy).  I'm thinking I probably have one or more food allergies (milk protein, soy), which would explain why my symptoms have at times been really severe, moreso than the typical description given of IBS on webMD or something.  Also I have been taking some vitamins which seems to help with the fatigue.  At it's worse though I was having 10-20 bowel movements a day, rapid weight loss, no appetite, dizzy, nauseous, zero energy, and severely dehydrated (hence the testing).  My appointment with the gastro was rather ominous...
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Have you been tested for food allergies? I go to a holistic remedies chiropractor that told me I am allergic to a lot of foods. Such as Wheat intolerance or Celiac Disease. Try not eating wheat based product such as bread or anything with gluten in it, and see if this helps. I am wheat intolerant and lactose intolerant, so it makes it fun to eat food. Also can't eat soy. Also have spastic colon which is IBS. The symptoms you are experiencing are somewhat due to IBS. The nausea I have is due to GERD and have been placed on medicine for acid reflux (Aciphex, the only kind I can take). You would have to have doctor find out which reflux meds. work well for you. You have the  right to speak directly to the gastro-enterologist that did your tests about the results. Even if it's on the phone. They tend to diagnose a lot of people with gastritis. They did me and it was my gallbladder loaded with gallstones.
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Thank you!
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Hi there!

A normal colonoscopy rules out ulcerative colitis and makes crohn’s unlikely. Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult o determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, malabsorption, hormonal/ endocrine issues, motility issues etc. I would suggest discussing the situation and the further management plan in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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