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Dangers of drinking liquor with crohns/ anemia

My 14 year old has crohns. She currently has a blood count of 8.6 She has already had 4 transfusions.  She will be getting another in a day or 2. She spent the night with a friend whos parents allowed her to drink alcohol. She drank whiskey and butterscotch schapps, thinking that as long as she ate, she would be ok. But with iron deficiency anemia, i need to know just how dangerous it is.
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I'm not a doc- but from what i read on the issue, alcohol doesn't deplete iron, infact it might raise it some- however, if she also has crohn's, alcohol isn't recommended- alcohol is an irritant, and can make flareups of Crohn's disease worse- and it can affect how much nutrients your body can utilize- because people with Crohn's often have malabsorption issues- Crohn's is nothing to mess around with- a person with it should do everything possible to keep it under control as it can severely affect the quality of life if one doesn't take care of it properly- and it could lead to an ostomy- which is not pleasant at all- While some folks with Crohn's can drink moderately without issue- many can't- it leads to a worsening of the disease- and one has to consider whether running for a bathroom literally 15 times or more a day, sometimes not getting there in time and having to deal with the mess, especially out in public away from home, is worth it- Crohn's disease is no joke- flareups can put people in the hospital with weakened bodies- too weak to function properly- and then it can lead to needing an ostomy- which again, is no fun at all- The problem is, young people don't take it seriously because they may not be feeling too bad at the time- and think it couldn't happen to them- they feel invulnerable- but Crohn's doesn't care how we think, it strikes indiscriminately regardless of whether we feel invulnerable or not- I dunno- perhaps tell her you love her and don't want to see her end up with a life changing ostomy- and to encourage her to get serious about her condition to do everything possible to stay as healthy as possible because it's no fun having to go on disability at say 30 years old because one is too weak to keep up anymore- I hope you confronted that parent that allowed you minor child to drink? That wasn't cool at all!
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