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Change in Rules...

The forum is slow lately and we've become a pretty small group again, so I've decided to make a slight temporary change in the rules.  We're going to remove the requirement that a link must be posted on every new thread that's posted.  This means you can ask questions, write articles or post your own thoughts to get a discussion started.

All the old rules still stand... you may "not" call people names, including members of the forum, government workers, news people, actors, etc.  Threads started for the sole purpose of causing arguments or discord will be deleted.  Any thread or comment is subject to deletion, as always.  Please read the description of the forum at the top of the home page for further rules, if you've forgotten them.

We're going to try this for a month and see how it goes.  If it goes well, we'll continue, if not, we'll go back to the current way.  

Please continue to be respectful of others.  Thank you
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How could MedHelp get back to being listed when people search opiate (drug) withdrawal help? Not even on the first 2 pages after searching at home drug w/d, at home opiate w/d and at home sub w/d...thats after leaving the "at home" part out b/c all that was coming up was treatment ctrs?? If it would have been this difficult when i was looking, id have never found it?
They've changed the way it comes up in searches, so you probably have to change the search criteria. I can try to find out if you'd like.
Please do...I am trying different ways to word the question, however, when I came on here originally, I believe I looked up sub w/d and ya'll came up on first page.  We must make it easy for people to find us...not harder.
I'm sorry, I was out all day yesterday and I have an appointment this morning... I've done some follow up on this, this morning and will continue when I get home later...
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Hey Barb!  I think this is a great plan.  I saw your post from the new feed which I am kind of digging.  I'm committing to checking CE more often!
I'm not sure many people are aware of the new feed, but for those who aren't, it's under the "My Med Help" drop down menu.

It lists questions you might be interested in responding to...
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Haven't been here for a while, Barb. Hope the new rules work.
Me too; I'd like to see more activity - not only in CE, but on MedHelp in general... but we do have to make sure everyone is respectful of everyone else.
Respect is paramount !
I'd like to see more activity but when I see ancient posts ( not on C.E.) but elsewhere, it doesn't encourage me to comment.
Oh even in CE we had some pretty disrespectful stuff going on at times and I'm hoping everyone is past that, now. We'll just have to see what happens.

Of course, any posts that break MH rules will be deleted and any person breaking the rules is subject to deletion from the group.  With such a small group, I'm hoping that isn't going to be a problem, but with this being an election year, we'll have to see what happens closer to election time.  That's why I decided to try this on a temporary basis...
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