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Is "anyone a better option"?


The above article has Biden out in front of Trump in some polls.  Never in a million years did I think Biden would be a reasonable alternative before now....  Now, I am willing to give him a shot.  I have more than a few friends whose biggest problem with Obama/Biden was 'spending'.  Trump is coming close to the same spending and these 'friends" are defending the spending, like it is reasonable.
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Sorry, I've been offline for a couple of weeks due to family illnesses.  

I kind of thought Warren might do better than she is and I might prefer her.  Biden goes back a long way and I'm not real sure about him.  

I dislike the idea of another election voting against someone, but I guess I'll end up voting for whoever gets the nomination against Trump...
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This cycle is turning into a lot like that lasts one for me.  The more I learn about the candidates, the more frustrated I become.  As well, the more I listen to any of these political pundits, the less I trust them.  Why are there not more people firmly grounded in the middle?
Biden is the most entertaining candidate since Ross Perot. Just yesterday he called a man a Damned Liar, then challenged him to do pushups. Then there is this, talking to Black Kids at a swimming pool.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uvt41ve0u0o
I saw Biden call the man a liar - not too becoming of possible Presidential nominee, was it?  

Wow - that's quite a video you posted the link to.

I've changed my mind and I'm beginning to think Mayor Pete might be the best candidate, but I suppose before it's all said and done, there'll be some dirt coming out on him.  
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Biden is the democrat version of Trump . . . the inappropriate, dirty old uncle.  I'm kind of glad he is no longer a media darling.  Better choices out there in my opinion.  (just like there were when trump ran).
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I agree but it's beginning to look iffy as to whether those choices will get on the ballet or not.

Now the RNC has even shut down primaries in some states so Republicans who wanted to primary against Trump can't even do that. Nothing like taking away all the choices.
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